Genius Sports launches identification solution, FanHub ID

Genius Sports has launched a new identification solution, FanHub ID.

The solution can identify and collect different groups of fans together into profiles, which allows marketing teams to create and distribute tailored campaigns for them.

It will utilise both online and offline data signals to create fan-based identity graphs across multiple marketing channels.

Manny Puentes, Genius Sports GM of Advertising, said: “Sports fans make up the world’s most passionate audiences, but marketers and content owners still struggle to identify, measure, and engage their fan personas.

"FanHub ID gives them the ability to activate fan data to enable long-term loyalty."

Brands will then be able to identify the different groups of fans who interact with their products and run relevant advertising campaigns.

This will also give marketing teams an insight into how different fans engage with their teams outside of games, such as through different social media channels and merchandise.

This aligns with the kind of product Genius Sports talked about in its Q3 conference call,Play Casino Online in regards to making itself ‘sticky’ within the sports betting industry.

To protect the customers, the information is privacy-focused and compliant.

Josh Linforth, Genius Sports Chief Revenue Officer, said: “FanHub ID drives immediate impact to current Genius Sports customers by helping them better understand their audience and extend their sponsorship dollars beyond their owned and operated content.

“Sports content owners will finally have the insights they need to drive deeper engagement and find the most valuable fans of the future.”

Genius Sports is the official data, technology and broadcast partner for over 400 sports organisations, including the National Football League (NFL), Nascar and others.

This isn't the only product Genius Sports is pushing at the moment either, with its new BetVision product being picked up most recently by FanDuel.