Pragmatic Play and iGameMedia secure partnership for sports streaming

Sports streaming provider iGameMedia has announced a multi-year collaboration with Pragmatic Play.

The partnership aims to deliver ultra-low latency sports streaming through iGameMedia's OnePlatform streaming solution.

This collaboration seeks to provide a fully integrated streaming solution, allowing customers to access sports streaming content without the need for multiple integrations.

The primary goals are to reduce integration timelines, simplify change management and enhance in-play betting products widely used in the industry.

The iGame OnePlatform has established integrations with content providers, including Infront Bettor, Stats Perform, IMG Arena, Genius Sports and Sportradar.

This integration enables sportsbooks and platform providers to access a unified content API,Play Casino Online offering a range of sports content. 

An additional feature of the collaboration is the OneMap product, addressing challenges in mapping live streaming with essential event data for sportsbook product offerings. OneMap utilises a single API instance and employs AI and ML technology for automated solutions with an accuracy rating of 99.7% in first-time mapping.

Pragmatic Play introduced its sportsbook product in October. Integrated with iGameMedia's OnePlatform, the Sportsbook aims to offer a streamlined managed services solution while supporting live streaming.

The partnership builds on iGameMedia's past initiatives in delivering ultra-low latency streaming solutions, as previously demonstrated in collaboration with Theo Technologies to phase out HLS technology. The iGameMedia and Theo Technologies partnership, announced in April 2023, provided an ultra-low latency sports streaming solution with a fixed latency of two seconds.